The gaming room of ARCARIUS 2001

Real name: Paul Ramer
Dwarven Forge nickname: Arcarius2001
# Sets Owned: 18 Dwarven Forge sets plus 3 accessory sets and many individual extra pieces
How often I play: I usually GM two to three times each month. I also play at least once a month in a friend's game.
Where I Live: Modesto, California USA
Go To Game System: Pathfinder / DnD d20
Other Game Systems Used: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Castles and Crusades
Size of Room: approx 8 1/2' x 13'
Size of table: 4' x 8'
Location of Room: in the garage

You cannot see in the pics but there are other shelves and storage carts hidden behind the curtains that hold additional plastic boxes for minis, a good amount of Gendel terrain pieces, trees, fences, hills, and other terrain props.




This is the primary dungeon piece cabinet.


The one on the right will be for my Woodland Sets as well as the larger dungeon pieces.

Some of my miniature buildings as well as my current batch of painting projects.

The boxes below are full of Dragon magazine. I have all issues except for the first 20 (which I am working on acquiring).

The book looking tomes on the right are actually magazine storage for more Dragon magazines.