The medieval gaming room of MONKPLAYER

Voici peut être la gaming room la plus aboutie que je connaisse. Celle qui mêle le mieux l'ambiance médiévale d'une taverne et le jeu de rôle.  Monkplayer a carrément poussé le concept jusqu'au bout afin d'avoir une immersion la plus profonde possible.

Mis à part le coté un peu trop clean pour une ambiance moyenâgeuse, tout, dans les moindres détails, invite à un voyage 1000 ans en arrière.

Sa salle à manger rustique couverte de chopes anciennes et de couverts d'époque se transforme en table de jeu immense.

Chaque détail a été minutieusement pensé, optimisé.

 Mais nous ne sommes pas ici pour manger me dites vous. Passons donc aux choses sérieuses.

La table renferme les décors sous les planches supérieures.

Voici un aperçu quand c'est découvert.

Notons que cette table accueille une double couche de décors. A droite du crâne vous pouvez observer des décors sous une planche transparente et rigide de plastique.

idem sous le passage cavern set. On y distingue une colline d'herbe et vraisemblablement de l'eau.

Nous voici ainsi un peu plus profond que le donjon de la photo précédente.


          Absolument rien de moderne n'apparait dans cette pièce. ( lumières, vmc, murs...)


Derrière les rideaux montés sur une branche de bois la caverne d'ali baba du maitre de jeu addict


Voici quelques commentaires extraits du forum DF américain où Monkplayer présente sa spectaculaire gaming room.

" This room is designed with a 13th century European medieval tavern in mind.

You will note the Elk Lighting sconces (item#14000/1+1) really compliment the medieval style of the room. The sconce lighting adds warm light that gives the room a feel of a medieval tavern, and nicely accentuates the helmet and table.
Now you get your chance to save the damsel in distress, but at least with role playing games like Dungeon & Dragons or Pathfinder, you can save the lady in peril using miniature figurines instead of getting your metal armor all dinged up in hand to hand combat!

The medieval tavern table sports two secret layers to set out all the miniature gaming pieces for your gaming adventure. There are also secret drawers that roll out to hold gaming books and to provide a place to write notes. You will note that there is heraldry on the drawer tops that matched the heraldry on the chair backs. Well you need somewhere to hold all those funny looking dice, so there are also adjustable dice trays, plus cup holders to hold those cool looking mugs."

Chaque joueur dispose de rangements pour placer son matériel ( feuille de personnage, dés favoris, crayons chope de bière...)

jusqu'aux chaises ...

"One of the other unique features of the room is the absence of anything modern. When you closely examine the room you don’t notice any electrical outlets, modern nails, gaming supplies, AC vents, or smoke detectors. All of these items are there, so see if you can find them. The outlets are hidden behind leather patches, and all the immense number of gaming materials are hidden behind tattered curtains.

You will also notice the melted candle wax on the Elk Lighting sconces to give them an even more authentic flair of being medieval candles. "

"Take a look at the added melted wax below each sconce and soot on the ceiling above each light. These two added touches really compliment the wrought iron work of each sconce. The solid marble that serves to mimic the candle really sets of the light of each sconce to accentuate the mood of the room.

Another creative feature of the room is the use of medieval nails for the weapon plaques, window curtains, and to hold the leather covering over the medieval “ice box.” You will note all of the feast gear is hidden underneath the leather curtain with the refrigerator and microwave.
As for the curtains, you can see upon close inspection melted wax, stains, and sword holes from the many daily “tavern brawls.” The curtains are designed to show the daily usage you would expect to see from every day use in the 13th century. "

"The wood paneling is air-dried cypress that has gone through a six step staining process in order to give it the aged looked you’d expect in an old tavern.
Notice the adventures as they battle the evil king and queen sorcerers in the throne room as they try to save the damsel in distress in the dungeon, and also battle the undead dragon and it’s minions on the road traveling to the dungeon.
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